Bender-Roller Tours

Curved steel doesn’t just happen. Precision instruments and expert benders are responsible for these increasingly popular architectural and structural elements. Learn about the various methods of bending and rolling steel shapes and develop an understanding of these specialty sub-contractors and how they fit into the structural steel supply chain.

Attendees will learn about and witness the very specialized and skilled process of bending and rolling steel shapes.

About Bender-Rollers

Bender-Roller companies are specialty sub-contractors who focus on bending (or rolling) steel shapes according to the job specification. Bending steel is a specialized and skilled process and fabricators do not normally have the capability to do it themselves. As such Benders receive the steel from the fabricator and then ship the curved steel back to the fabricator. Typical fabrication is still carried out through the main project fabricator who organizes the steel package from procurement through delivery to the site for erection.

Attendees to a Bender-Roller tour will learn about the five typical methods of bending: rolling, incremental bending, hot bending, rotary-draw bending, and induction bending. Each method has its advantages, with some methods more common in the steel construction industry, and others more common in the automobile or manufacturing industries.

Common terms and nuances of the processes will be explained and examples provided leaving the participants with the tools to be able to specify bent steel for their projects with more confidence.