HSS Producers

HSS Producer Tours

Witness the incredible machinery and processes used to manufacture top quality hollow structural sections (HSS). Learn about the differences between HSS and TS or HSS and pipe and know how to call them out appropriately. Experience the quality control procedures throughout the process and develop an understanding of manufacturing schedules and HSS shape availability.

Attendees will see first hand the fascinating process of manufacturing hollow structural sections out of steel coil.

About HSS Producers

Manufacturers of hollow structural sections (HSS) produce square, rectangular and circular hollow structural sections out of flat steel plate using some of the most sophisticated and automated machinery in the industry.

The steel plate is received from the mill as a coil and these coils are fed through a series of incredible machines and processes to continuously produce the required section.

In North America, HSS sections conform to the ASTM Specification A500 and Canadian Specification CAN/CSA-G40.20-04/G40.21-04. The use of HSS is growing with popularity all around the world in the building industry. While less than 15% of the U.S. structural steel market, in Europe and Japan HSS members account for approximately 30% of the market. Popular uses include architecturally exposed structural steel, staggered truss and conventional truss structures, and basic column or vertical bracing elements.