Steel Mills

Steel Mill-Producer Tours

Witness the beginning (and end) of the structural steel supply chain by visiting a steel mill and seeing the awesome capability of these huge scrap metal recycling and steel production facilities. Experience the quality control procedures throughout the process and develop an understanding of rolling schedules and steel availability.

Attendees will learn about and witness the steel-making process from start to finish.

About Steel Mills

Steel mills directly produce wide-flange beams, channels, angles and plate. Every piece of steel is produced to conform to precise standards. Material strengths and dimensions are checked and verified several times before the material leaves the mill. This ensures a reliable, predictable product that structural engineers can design more easily and be guaranteed of its strength and characteristics.

Today’s modern steel production mills are also metal recycling facilities – scrap metal now being the primary component in the manufacture of structural steel. Steel is North America’s No. 1 recycled product. The recycled content of structural steel beams and columns averages over 93%, with wide-flange beam production often having recycled content of over 98% - making structural steel the model of sustainable material production.

During the tour, attendees will experience the awesome capability of a steel mill and will witness the making of steel - starting with mostly recycled material and ending with high quality structural steel.