Steel Service Centres

Steel Service Centre Tours

Come and visit a structural steel service centre and see what thousands of tons of steel looks like. Experience the crucial role these facilities play in the structural steel industry and learn how they can help you and your project.

Attendees will learn how and why steel is distributed through service centres and how service centres can help with their projects. In addition the nationwide inventory of structural steel will be highlighted and witnessed.

About Steel Service Centres

Most structural steel, around 70%, is supplied to fabricators directly by steel service centres. While domestic mills provide structural steel to Canadian market, steel service centres are strategically located across the nation.

Steel service centres buy steel from each rolling cycle at every mill and keep it as inventory to sell to fabricators. They keep a full range of steel products in multiple lengths and also provide value-added services to fabricators such as first-stage, pre-fabrication processing (cutting beams to length, tee splitting, cambering, plate burning) and meeting staged delivery requirements (e.g. delivering multiple shapes from various producers according to the project sequence).

Service centres maintain inventory levels according to market conditions ensuring steel is always available, accomodating for any unexpected peaks in demand.