Structural Steel Fabricators

Structural Steel Fabricator Tours

Witness the heart of the structural steel supply chain by visiting a steel fabricator near you. Learn how off-site, controlled conditions ensure a consistently high-quality product and reduce or eliminate errors and fixes at the job site. Experience the use of advanced machinery and technology. See how the steel industry has taken advantage of information technology (BIM) to streamline production and increased efficiency.

Attendees will learn about the processes steel fabricators go through from receiving the steel through to shipping steel to the job site.

About Structural Steel Fabricators

It is the fabricators who typically have the closest relationships with the design and contracting community and who will receive the steel contract from the general contractor. They then orchestrate the supply chain to fulfill the contract. There are approximately 2,500 fabricators in Canada, serving every corner of the nation.

The fabricator works to a predetermined schedule developed in consultation with the project team. This schedule controls everything from how the detailers release information to when material is sent to the shop, to the order of trucks shipping fabricated steel to the job site.

One of the major advantages of building with structural steel is the quality of the fabrication process. Off-site fabrication allows for a quality controlled environment unaffected by climate and weather changes, or by adverse site conditions. The nature of the material allows it to be fabricated to very close tolerances and at every stage of fabrication the steel is inspected to help guarantee a quality product and eliminate mistakes and costly site work.

Fabrication itself consists of tasks such as cutting, drilling, punching, shearing, welding, piece assembly and assembly of complex geometry and trusses. Fabricators have invested in advanced computer-controlled (CNC) machinery and material-handling equipment to perform the more common tasks such as cutting to length, drilling and shape burning. The CNC machines are extremely fast and efficient and are fed automatically from the BIM systems used by the detailers.